Car, motorbike, camper van and more
Car, motorbike, camper van insurance and more

Car insurance in Spain is more or less the same as in the UK, or other European countries, and is obligatory.  We offer various types of motor insurance to cover cars, vans, motorbikes and 4x4's.

With all the types of car insurance as in the UK, there are discounts for no-claims and discounts for named drivers as well as increased excesses/waivers. One difference between Spain and the United Kingdom is that your policy will generally include annual roadside assistance and breakdown cover. Additional options such as car hire, protected no claims bonus are also available for an additional premium.

Fully Comprehensive Insurance
Fully comprehensive insurance in Spain is called ‘todo riesgo’ which translates as ‘all risks’. This covers your vehicle and any other cars involved in an accident as well as covering you and the third-party in the event of personal injury. Always check the limits and amounts to ensure you are happy with the level of liability. Some Spanish insurance companies will not offer fully comprehensive cover if you car is more than 3 years old, but we can offer new customers comprehensive cover for vehicles up to 15 years old, and existing customer cover for vehicles up to 25 years old!

Third Party Fire and Theft Insurance
You can opt for just third-party insurance but you may prefer to pay the extra for third party, fire and theft. Generally, there is not very much difference in the premium between the two.  If your documentation says ‘responsabilidad civil obligatoria, incendio y robo then you have third-party fire and theft insurance.

Third Party Insurance
This is the most basic type of car insurance in Spain and it is this type that is the compulsory minimum as required under Spanish law. In your documentation you will see this referred to as either responsabilidad civil obligatoria or seguro obligatorio.

Be aware that third-party insurance does not cover your vehicle but purely any damage to another vehicle or persons with whom you may be involved in an accident.

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