Making a claim on your insurance can be awkward, frustrating and sometimes, just downright annoying.  We are all human, and we all make the odd mistake so here are some simple travel tips worth knowing which may make everyone's life a little easier. 

  • Take photographs of your suitcases before you travel, this will be invaluable in helping to locate them if they are lost during the journey.
  • Before you travel, scan all your important documents including credit cards into a pen drive (or email them to an account you will be able to access whilst you are away), this will save you time in case you need to cancel cards or obtain a new passport or driving licence.
  • Always keep receipts for valuable purchases, in the case of theft or losing luggage; this will speed up the claim process.
  • If you need to visit a hospital during your trip, wherever possible, give your insurance details on arrival and make sure they are accepted. If you have to spend more than one night, make sure the hospital gets authorisation from the insurance company for every procedure you have.
  • Never leave the hospital without a discharge medical report and all of your papers. It is your right to have these and is illegal for the hospital to refuse.
  • In case of delay or cancellation of your flight ask for a written confirmation of the exact reason; don’t accept reasons such as operational problems or commercial adjustements.
  • Most importantly, make sure you have the cover you need this winter and take out insurance with us. All it takes is a quick email enquiry and we will call you back to give you an accurate quote.